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We've taken the guesswork out of finding brands to partner with. Brand collaborations are 25x more cost effective than paid ads. Supercharge your marketing efforts with an entirely new sales channel. 

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Social Campaigns - Increase Reach & Gain Followers


Reach New Audiences
Brand Recognition & Credibility
Grow Followers
Retarget New Followers
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Keep It Fresh! Cross-Sell & Co-Brand Products Your Customers Will Love!

 Maximize customer satisfaction and boost sales with strategic product collaborations. Discover the power of cross-selling and co-branding to enhance customer experience and drive revenue growth.

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E-mail / SMS Blasts

Supercharge your marketing efforts by harnessing the power of your email and SMS lists. Discover endless possibilities by partnering with companies that have similar target audiences and e-mail list sizes as your business. Unlock growth opportunities like never before!

Exposure to new customers
Fresh Content
Increase Revenue
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Double The Power Of Your SMS List

 Maximize customer satisfaction and boost sales with strategic product collaborations. Discover the power of cross-selling and co-branding to enhance customer experience and drive revenue growth.

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Take Your Business To The Next Level With Collabs


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Instagram - Brix Templates
Instagram - Brix Templates
Instagram - Brix Templates
Instagram - Brix Templates
Instagram - Brix Templates
Instagram - Brix Templates
Instagram - Brix Templates
Instagram - Brix Templates
Instagram - Brix Templates
Instagram - Brix Templates
Instagram - Brix Templates

How it works

Fill Out Form

Answer a few questions about your business and our AI software will match you with similar companies.


View & Send Match Requests

Access the Discover Page and view potential matches. Send match requests and receive requests from other companies within a few days.


After you find a match you can communicate with the other business. How you utilize the collaboration is completely up to you! Our sales team can assist to ensure maximum return.


Unleash The Power Of Collaborations

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Double Your Reach

Double your reach & tap into new audiences. Expand your brand's visibility, connect with untapped markets, and unlock growth opportunities through strategic collaborations.

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Higher Conversion Rate

In a landscape where trust is paramount, collaborative partnerships foster credibility and authenticity, elevating conversion rates beyond the limitations of traditional paid advertising methods.

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Unleash Creativity

Let your creativity flourish. There are endless strategies that can create a memorable collaboration for your customers. Captivate your audiences and drive remarkable results.

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Better Than Paid Ads

Brand collaborations are 25x more effective than paid ads. Unlike paid ads, collaborations foster genuine engagement, credibility, and long-lasting customer relationships, leading to more effective and impactful results.

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Experience 40x ROI 

Witness the transformative power of Collabs Direct to deliver unparalleled results, driving revenue growth and maximizing your profitability. Gain new, engaged customers for life.

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Good For All Sizes

From startups to enterprises, our platform offers a diverse network of potential collaborations, ensuring that you can find the perfect match to propel your business

Coming  Soon

Status updates and task integrations with tools you love and use

In App TrackingNow LIVE!

Now LIVE! Track your campaign performance with UTM parameters. Get live tracking in real-time on our dashboard.

Klayvio IntegrationComing soon

Get verified e-mail list sizes and submit proposals and execute reciprocal e-mail blasts through our platform.

Shopify IntegrationComing soon

Integrate your profile with Shopify. This allows for the most accurate possible matches based on our AI matching algorithm. All information is 100% encrypted.

Cross PromotionComing soon

For product Collabs have your products listed on your connections website and vice-versa. This can be done as an upsell or through a collection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you determine who is a good match?

Our matching process uses advanced algorithms to analyze key data points such as company size, industry, and revenue to find statistically similar companies. We also take into account the responses provided in the match form to ensure the best possible matches. Our AI software continuously learns and adapts to improve the accuracy of our matches over time.

Will my website automatically be shown to everyone?

No, your website will only be displayed to users that have been deemed a good fit for both your business and the other user based on our advanced matching algorithm. Your website will only be shown to companies that are a good fit for you to collaborate with.

What information about my company is displayed?

We will display any relevant information about your company such as your goal for the collaboration, where your company is based out of and where you ship to. We will also display relevant metrics about your company.

We display ranges, not exact numbers. So only companies with similar numbers will be displayed/able to view your company. If your e-mail list size is 109,342 it will be displayed as 100,000-150,000.

Do we both need to match to start communication?

You will only be able to communicate with potential matches once a request is sent and accepted. If a company accepts your request you will be put able to start communication and will also both be cc'd on an e-mail.

How many collaborations should I do a year? 

According to the 2017 American Express Business Collaboration Index it is recommended to do at least 5 brand collaborations a year. Not only to brand collaborations double your reach and increase revenue, they also help keep your content fresh and your customers engaged.

How do I ensure the collaboration goes smoothly

When planning for a collaboration you should be in contact with your match. Put together proposals before launching any campaigns that both parties approve of.

We offer tracking to see how the campaigns perform. Our customer success team can also support to ensure the collaboration is a success. Please reach out to support if you have any questions about our process and resources available to merchants.

How is my information kept confidential?

Absolutely! You can reach us via he chat widget in the bottom right corner, or by email. Try We're happy to help!

Do you have tracking? 

Yes we do! Our customer success team can give documentation and support you to ensure the collaboration is being tracked correctly.


What Our Customers Say

Collabs Are Now A Part Of Our Funnel

Using Collabs Direct saved us a fortune on paid ads. We reached a wider audience through cost-effective collaborations, generating impressive ROI.

Adam Smith

Targeted E-mail Campaings FTW

Thanks to Collabs Direct, our business has experienced exponential growth through targeted e-mail collaborations. Our customer base expanded, and sales skyrocketed!

Sophie Moore

Double My SMS List - No Brainer!

SMS collaborations through Collabs Direct allowed us to connect directly with our customers, resulting in higher engagement and increased sales. Game-changer!

Mike Warren
Developer at BRIX Templates


Through Collabs Direct, we forged strategic partnerships that enabled us to tap into new customer segments, driving both brand awareness and revenue growth

Adam Smith
Webflow Developer

We're Going To Do "Collab Of The Month"

Collabs Direct's platform made it effortless for us to find relevant collaborators. We quickly established valuable connections, leading to increased customer loyalty and sales.

Mike Warren
Owner of Etsy Store

Our Agency Friends Will Love Collabs!

Collabs Direct empowered us to tap into untapped markets through strategic collaborations. Our brand gained recognition, and we witnessed a remarkable surge in customer engagement

John Carter
CEO at Webflow Agency

Better Than Facebook Ads! 

Collabs Direct doubled our brand's reach by connecting us with like-minded businesses. Our collaborative efforts led to greater exposure and new customer acquisitions.

John Carter

Finally Found A Fair Co-Branding Collab

Collabs Direct facilitated seamless co-branding opportunities, enabling us to leverage the reputation of our partner brands and expand our market presence. A win-win!

Kathie Corl
Webflow Developer

How Was This Our First Collab?

Collabs Direct revolutionized our marketing strategy. By leveraging brand collaborations, we maximized exposure, gained credibility, and achieved remarkable business growth.

Sophie Moore